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Aligning technology with business

Technology Advisors

Our non-negotiables

KCG2 core values align with People, Process, and Partners

They guide us in sourcing and implementing cutting-edge technology solutions that offer genuine value.

  • Think with innovation and creativity

  • Create fun in what we do

  • Improve daily

  • Trust in positive intentions

  • Collaborate, and listen

Man and AI robot waiting for a job interview_ AI vs human competition
IT consultant presenting tag cloud about information technology
ChatGPT Chat with AI or Artificial Intelligence
Digital transformation concept. System engineering. Binary code. Programming.
Young Businesswomen
Artist Man using hand AI, Artificial Intelligence to generate content
Laptop on what we do

We are a group of Technology Solution Architects, Trusted Advisors, and Consultants.

We collaborate with conventional telecom and cable providers, while also forming partnerships with suppliers of technology software solutions.

We leverage 30 years of experience and a large portfolio of services to deliver an incredible user experience.

Server with fiber links

Here are the five leading solutions:

Let Us Handle the Details

We work directly with vendors, carriers, or suppliers for you, handling routine tasks related to digital transitions, allowing you to concentrate on your primary business.


  1. Call Center and Cloud Phone Systems

  2. Continuously Secure Internet (100% uptime)

  3. Managed IT/Infrastructure

  4. Cybersecurity (as-a-service) SOC, MDR

  5. Data Protection -DRaaS

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